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Factory Direct

At Husky Tire we are revolutionizing the factory direct order process:

  1. Current customers say our order process is the best in the business.
  2. Prebuilt inventory reduces delivery wait times by as much as 60 days.
  3. You can combine two key brands together in single purchase order. Learn More

Our Process:

We have implemented innovative online systems that make ordering and tracking container-direct shipments easy.

Once you place your order you will have full visibility into the supply chain. This means you will know the ETA for every container and will be able to directly track your shipments.

Our Inventory:

The challenge with most factory-direct programs is the excessive time between order placement and receipt of tires in the United States. Husky’s efficient ordering process is guaranteed to cut that wait time substantially.


At Husky, we reduce the wait time and provide you with order visibility.

Our Brands:

Premium PLT/MRT Brands:


Economy PLT/MRT Brands:


ST Radial:


Fleet managers, John Mathers and Blaine Galea from James Dick Construction talk about the features and advantages of the Roadx DX770 Medium Radial Truck tire.


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